Coffee Brewing Tips and General Recommendations

Basic Tips for Brewing Good Coffee ...

Here are some basic guidelines for brewing good coffee at home or the office.

Figure out how much coffee you want to make at once.

Make an investment in a digital scale, accurate to the gram. Not only will this save you money from using too much coffee, you will ensure a reliable flavor and strength by using the right amount each time.

Invest in a good coffee grinder. The grinder is very important, and the "krups, cuisinart, bunn, etc type of blade grinders are not going to deliver as rich and complex of a body and flavor as a burr grinder will.

Use good water. This one is complicated for some people, but in general, distilled water will make excellent coffee, beyond that there are all manner of articles you can read on the internet about this and that mineral and how they effect the flavor of coffee. It gets pretty complicated. I brew mine with distilled water always.

Ensure the coffee equipment is clean before you use it to make coffee.

in general assume you want a 1:10 ratio of coffee to water, by weight, meaning if you have 30 grams of coffee, you will have to add 300 grams of water into the pot to the finished product. Some water will get stuck in the grounds, but that's part of the 1:10 ratio. It is a ratio of weight of water as measured before you pour, not how much water makes it into the carafe.

This is where the scale is going to be your best friend for consistently epic coffee! You can weigh out the water until you learn your brewing device or you can weigh it each time. Your choice.

Be patient, and you will end up making some pretty mind blowing coffee!

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